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Automatic composite hose automatic pipe cutting machine

Author: click:2257 Release time:2021-11-04

B. GLS - Ⅲ composite hose automatic pipe cutting machine is designed, manufactured and developed by our enterprise after digesting and absorbing foreign technology in most of the second generation automatic pipe cutting machines. The equipment applies the technical design of the controller, integrates the machine and electricity, and is compared with the same industry at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy practical operation, self alarm for common faults, no shutdown for sheet rewinding, rotating cutter positioning, stable characteristics, simple maintenance and so on.

The machine takes plastic steel composite sheet and all plastic composite sheet as raw materials and applies high-frequency welding technology to produce composite hoses of various models and specifications. The manufactured goods are welded vertically, firmly, disconnected and of the same length. The machine and equipment can form an automatic pipe production line with the supporting facilities of b.zt-iii automatic shoulder injection machine produced by our enterprise. The application of roll changing organization without shutdown has the advantages of high sheet utilization and high working efficiency

Low compressive strength and other characteristics.

The key components of the generator set include: fully automatic unwinding equipment, connection service platform, reservoir, fully automatic trimming organization, fully automatic forming equipment, high-frequency welding machine organization, fully plastic composite welding organization, vertical and horizontal database index organization, fully automatic pipe feeding organization, automatic control system, tracking rotary cutter equipment and industrial touch screen control system.

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