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Business philosophy of Sanhuai machinery:


Innovate actively, Products continue to be updated, oriented with customer demand, to provide the products which can satisfy customer needs, maintaining the leading position in packaging machinery technology field in China and sprint to a higher level .


Everything is satisfied with costumer, from design to leaving the factory products are checked strictly, the key components adopt the world's leading products to ensure the stable operation of the equipment for a long time.


Advocate honest, people-oriented, down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts, continue to provide excellent after-sales service, and customers to create prosperity.

Develop goals  

Raise the sailing of eternal innovation, fight bravely in the economic market ocean, just act as a good supporting role for the majority of domestic and foreign customers , to make contributions to the machinery career in our country.

The advent of knowledge economy has posed all-round challenges to the traditional economy. Talents and knowledge have become the driving force for the development of modern enterprises. We have gathered engineering and technical personnel and management personnel in many aspects such as professional technology. We have advanced production equipment, good research environment, advanced employment mechanism and scientific distribution system, which fully stimulate the creative enthusiasm of employees, Continuously contribute excellent achievements to the machinery industry.

Nantong Tongzhou Sunway Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of large emulsifying machine, pipe making machine and shoulder injection machine.

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