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Definition of vacuum emulsifying machine

It mainly refers to the rapid and uniform distribution of one or more phases into another continuous phase by using the high shear emulsifier when the material is in vacuum. It uses the strong kinetic energy brought by machinery to make the material bear hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shear per minute in the narrow gap between stator and rotor. Centrifugal extrusion, impact, tearing and other comprehensive effects, instantly and evenly disperse and emulsify, and finally obtain bubble free, fine and stable high-quality products after high-frequency cycle.

Main composition system

The vacuum emulsifying machine is mainly composed of water phase boiler, oil phase boiler, emulsifying mixing main boiler, vacuum system, lifting system (optional), electrical control system (PLC can be selected), operation platform, etc.

Purpose and application field

The product is mainly used in daily chemical care products, biomedicine, food industry, coating ink, nano materials, petrochemical industry, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, paper industry, pesticide and chemical fertilizer, plastic rubber, power electronics and other fine chemicals, especially for the emulsion configuration of materials with high matrix viscosity and high solid content.

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