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How to choose the automatic paste filling and sealing machine?

Author: click:2137 Release time:2021-11-04

The automatic paste filling and sealing machine should be very unfamiliar to everyone, but when it comes to its main purpose, you probably know it better,

It seems that most of the whitening toothpaste, cleanser, moisturizer and some cream objects I usually use are filled and sealed by the paste filling and sealing machine

Yes. At this stage, the filling and sealing machine is widely favored by the company. In order to make the actual operation of the product very simple, precision deviation, installation and adjustment, and cleaning of machinery and equipment

Washing, maintenance and other functions, and the tail sealing machine manufacturer has improved some additional functions. With more manufacturers and more choice space, the difficulty of choice will increase

It is difficult for some customers to buy suitable filling and sealing machines. Today, I'll teach you some tips to help you find the suitable raw pulp and oil cans


1. Ensure that the refill products you need to buy can be filled. If the canning category is different, the price is also different. If the gap is large

For commodities, the filling and sealing machine can fill up to the limit.

2. High cost performance is the standard. The quality of the filling and sealing machine manufactured in China has been greatly improved compared with the previous ones, and is similar to that of the imported machine


3. Ensure after-sales maintenance service. Immediate after-sales maintenance service is very important, especially for food industry companies. Such as beverage company, Xia

Season is the peak period of production and manufacturing. If there are any problems in the work that can not be solved immediately, the damage is obvious.

4. Try to select a filling and sealing machine company with a long history to ensure product quality. Select perfect and stable quality entity model to make the packaging

Faster, more stable, low energy consumption, low manual production and low unqualified rate. Filling and sealing machine is a kind of equipment that consumes kinetic energy. If we

Choose and buy low-quality equipment, film bags will be consumed in the future daily production and manufacturing will not be easy to be a small number.

5. Visit and investigate, and try to use as many test objects as possible. In addition, how to look at the quality of the tail sealing machine you choose? From many levels below

The quality of the filling and sealing machine you can buy under your own test is not solid.

(1) After sealing, the sealing part of the plastic hose shall be free of scratch, mess, leakage, burning and puncture, and the printed date shall be clear.

(2) After the tightness test of plastic hose, the sealing place shall be perfect and of high quality.

(3) The qualified rate of canned precision shall not be less than 98%.

(4) The qualification rate of packages shall not be less than 98%.

(5) The noise of hose tail sealing machine shall not exceed 75db (a).

(6) When 500vd. C. is added between the transmission line of the driving power supply circuit and the power supply circuit of the grounding device concerned, the measured grounding resistance shall not be less than 1m Ω.

(7) The hose tail sealing machine shall be equipped with reliable grounding device and grounding symbol. The resistance of grounding wire shall meet the provisions of 19.2 in gb5226.1.

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